Actor Abraam Pandey is currently enjoying his time-off as he holidays at Seychelles Island. The actor has been working non-stop for the last few years and decided that it was time for a break!

“I have dedicated the last three years to my work and have been at it without a break. I have been working so hard to the extent that I had also informed my family that I needed some time to get a strong foothold in Mumbai. I have been working continuously and the one thing that I really missed was travelling. The only travel that I was doing was between my house to the sets. I have finally got some free time now and I am going to utilise that in a nice way. I am enjoying Seychelles Island. I was looking forward to this trip eagerly and I am happy that this is happening now,” he says.

Want to know what he is doing there? “I love the water, so I am making sure to do a lot of swimming and scuba diving. I am also enjoying the local cuisine and the culture, it is always a nice experience when you try new stuff,” Abraam says.

The actor has some family time planned as well. “After coming back from my trip, I will also visit my hometown and spend some time with my family. They have been extremely cooperative and understanding all this while. They never forced me to come and visit them,” he says.