What made you produce web series No Casting No Couch Only Ouch?
The concept behind the title excited and convinced me to produce such a sensitive story with humor touch. We have worked hard no the concept.

What have you to say about the unique title?
This title sounds comic and has depth in it. The title makes everyone smile. Realities of life amaze everyone.
What is so special about the story?
The most special and appealing about the story is the fight of a boy who has just crossed his teenage and is trying to find himself.
Throw light on the partnership with Gaurang Sadarangani?
I and Gaurang are like brothers and we have been associated with each other since last 8 years. I have that comfort level with Gaurang and his family most important is the trust that we share.
What are the plans for Natak Entertainment?
We have a lot in the kitty and now our next step will be a feature film. We are working in it at screenplay level.
What have you to say about the entertainment industry?
The entertainment industry is just like any other field. Everything needs an effort and the more you will put the more you will yield. This industry gives you a platform to show your talent and everyone who so ever is connected to this industry have their own ways of struggle and roads to success. There is no formula to it. More you will explore more you will get. And every day is an unfold Mistry and any Friday can change your destiny