Spiritual healer Amiben Modi says that monsoons are the perfect time to grow and evolve. This period is a time introspect, she says, “A lot of people associate monsoons with mental health. However, actually, monsoons are a period of growth. The 5 elements of nature are supported by the rains we get. It is the time when crops are laid when the reproduction increases and also a time where rainwater is harvested and stored for the entire year. The best way to look at monsoons is a period of self-reflection and growth.”

Amiben adds that this is also the time for love. “Monsoons are also associated with romance and hence the people that are not favourably placed in their relationships feel gloomy. However, I strongly believe they should come up with their own will power to grow in life, upgrade their mental status to a more happy and desired state,” she says.

Here is her advice for monsoons. “Enjoy the rain and rainwater, we should be grateful for the rains as they help us sustain the entire year. If lack of sun impacts your health, it’s better to wake up early and spend 30 minutes meditating, giving yourself positive affirmations, as you own your mental state. Surround yourself with good, uplifting company as your surroundings impact you massively,” she says. 

She adds, “During weather change, especially monsoons, people are prone to diseases. It is best to avoid the consumption of raw foods, cold foods, anything steaming hot is best to maintain your health. Adding Colours such as yellow, orange, red and gold to your attire will help balance out the lack of sun and energies.”