TV actor Ankush Arora has come up with his own YouTube channel. The actor says that he has always been fond of singing, which was the reason behind starting the channel. “I was recently thinking about life and all that I have achieved so far and that made me realize that life is too short… and my dreams are quite big. I have always loved singing and I know that I will surely succeed as a singer. Since we are moving at such a fast pace in the digital world, I thought the best way to show the world my singing abilities was through a channel on YouTube,” says the actor.

He has already sung the cover version of “Aaj Se Teri” from the film ‘Padman’ and is already working on his next singing project. “I just sang one song of a film Padman, which was ‘Aaj Se Teri…’  but there are many more to come. I have already launched myself with this song and now I will soon be coming out with my second song called ‘Bollymashup’,” he says.