Actor Anuj Khurana is excited to be part of Actors Cricket Bash. In a candid chat, the actor talks about what the tournament means to him.

Q1. Actors Cricket Bash is the newest cricket league. How do you feel being part of it as it is original cricket with actual cricket kit?

A- Ya, so it was a very great experience, we all played cricket a lot. This time all the actors gathered together. Also, we are playing with the actual ball. That’s makes this very different.

Q2. ACB will only have men as cricket players so will the competition streak be more?

A- Of course, yes because, then we don’t have to be lenient with anyone in the field because if the girls are part then we can’t hold at the same pace and we have to be like a little soft towards them.

Q3. What do you think of cricket which is religion in India?

A- Well, it’s my religion as well. I think every child born in our country wants to play cricket and it’s my first priority. I am very happy that the league came out with this field and we all actors are getting to play again and am very happy about that.

Q4. Which is your favourite test matches, one day or T20 matches?

A- I love playing and watching one-day matches, it gets over in 50 overs. T20s are like fast and innovative and am not that used to it. I prefer watching one-day matches.

Q5. This year Cricket World Cup is also coming what are the chances of India this time?

A- This time I would say that it’s just a matter of playing good cricket at the field and I think we will get the cup.

Q6. How you are preparing for ACB?

A- We were having practice sessions whenever we got a chance when we were not shooting.  Everyone was coming for the practice sessions. Before the matches also we went to the ground early and practised.

Q7. Who is your favourite cricketer and why?

A- MS Dhoni, he is a wicketkeeper and I am a wicketkeeper and I like the way he presents himself on the field with calmness. I would want to be like him. For sure MS Dhoni.

Q8. What are your expectations from Actors Cricket Bash

A- Well it’s been an awesome season and a great opening for the tournament and everyone is doing their best. I hope this will grow further and further. My best wishes to the whole team.