Dhiraj Battu, the owner of two-time-winner Delhi Dragons in Ekta Kapoor and Anand Mishra’s MTV BCL, talks about his favourite players in the tournament, his responsibilities as the owner as well as what makes BCL glamourous.

You are the owner of Delhi Dragons. What are your responsibilities as an owner?
> Well, Delhi Dragons is not just a team for me, it’s family. As an owner, my responsibility is to maintain the decorum of the team and make sure that the team members bond well. I try to support my team in the best possible way. Be it a trainer, a coach or physiotherapist, we believe in hiring professionals only. After all, 2-time-winners and defending champions, need the best treatment.

Who is the captain of your team?
 Aadesh Chaudhary leads our squad as a captain. Karan Wahi is also a fantastic player.


You were quite popular in your team as the most friendly owner. Comment.
That’s because I never had this feeling that I am the owner. I have always looked at myself as another member of the team.You are quite a cricket enthusiast. So, who is your favourite cricketer and why?
Yes, I love the game and Virat Kohli is my favourite. I was a pace bowler when I used to play. I was a great admirer of Glen McGrath back then.

Why don’t you play cricket yourself?
 I don’t get enough time to play these days.

TV stars bring glamour to cricket. Do you agree?
 Yes, I think most of the TV stars are good looking, they are fitness freaks and sports enthusiasts. They look glamorous playing the game onscreen. Also, most of them have a fan following of people from the age of 12 – 60 years. These fans love seeing their favourite actors on screen.