We all a hope, that a genie in a bottle would come out and fulfill all our wishes and dreams. While that’s only a legend, the World Wish Day, lets us see what we really want for ourselves. So, in this day, we asked our TV stars about what their deepest wishes and desires are…
Aniruddh Dave – There’s only one wish of mine which has not been fulfilled is that my father didn’t buy me a bike. And that wish is still there. But my demands have gone up and now, and I want a superbike worth 14 lakhs. Although I’ve got a swanky car for myself, the bike craze still remains in my heart. I know I can easily buy one, but I still want that my papa should fulfill my bike wish!  But my wish to work with Amitabh Bachchan has been fulfilled. I used to think, ‘ki Kya Main Us Mukaam Pe Pahunchunga?’ But then destiny made it possible.
Ridheema Tiwari – I would like to travel the whole world. It’s been 3 years and I haven’t packed my bags and explored the globe yet. My soul gets so hungry for traveling because I am a voracious traveler. I love art, architecture and history, and meeting different people, tasting different foods, observing nature etc. I need to to get out soon because this is one life we get and it’s a whole big world to travel!
Karan Wahi – The one wish that hasn’t been fulfilled is that I have been a cricketer and I wanted to play cricket professionally. I know I can’t do much about it now, as playing cricket professionally is very very difficult once you are out of the game. It’s tough  to live up to the standards of the game as they’ve become really high. But I fulfill my love for cricket by playing it as I have a team, and we play cricket on a Semi-Professional level. We have proper matches, and we play in whites. To an extent, I have fulfilled my wish, but obviously, playing for the country and playing at the highest level, at the international level was something that I wanted to do but I can’t now. Besides,  I think all my wishes have come true. I actually got more than I wished for!
Jasmin Bhasin – My one wish which has always been unfulfilled is that I wanted to learn driving. But because of my phobia for driving, I couldn’t learn it. But someday I really want to overcome my fears and learn driving so I can drive my own car. Another wish of mine since a long time was that I wanted to go to a beautiful beach, at a breathtaking location with clear blue water which got fulfilled last year when I went on an amazing vacation!
Jyotsna Chandola – My one wish which has not been fulfilled yet is that I always wanted to become a playback singer. I think I will fulfill it in a few years by launching my own album. But, my wish to become famous and be recognized by people has already been fulfilled!