Producer-entrepreneur Sakett Saawhney talks about his food venture Big Bang Cuurry

Your home delivery kitchen Big Bang Cuurry is doing quite well. What are the most preferred dishes which are ordered frequently, especially in winters?

Yes, it has been picked up month after month and in the next quarter, we should break even. With the sale analysis, Mutton Galouti is the most ordered item since its inception.

What do you love to cook the most?

I love cooking different types of meats. Anything with mutton excites the chef in me.

Which are the celebrities constantly ordering food from Big Bang Cuurry?

Shabir, Anita, Karan Patel and Sanju Sir are few of our regular patrons

What is your personal comfort food?

Dal Chawal and Bhindi

Which is the most common ingredient you use in almost all your dishes?

Lots of Love.

You are a producer too, so won’t you like to produce a film or a show with a food or hotel backdrop something like Saif Ali Khan’s Chef. 

I would love to make a food and travel show someday.