It is celebration time for actor Shilpa Shinde and her family, as she won Bigg Boss 11 last night. The actor’s brother Ashutosh Shinde says that he was sure his sister would make a mark in the show. “With the overwhelming support that she got, from her fans, right from day 1, I knew she would leave a mark in the history of Bigg Boss but I did not want to predict anything,” he says, adding, “As I have always said, Shilpa lived in that house as a housemate and not as a contestant. She lived as Shilpa Shinde, which people always wanted to see. I would say she has been successful in achieving what she wanted to achieve and that’s the biggest limelight for her.”







In fact, the actor got massive support from her fans. They repeatedly made her trend on Twitter and yesterday they posted more than three million tweets. This has been way more than what any Bigg Boss contestant has got.

Ashutosh had also got the chance to meet Shilpa during the game, and he says that she couldn’t believe that she had reached so far. “When she was declared a winner, I remembered the time when I met her in the house. The only thing that she said was, ‘Ashu, I can’t believe I’m in the Bigg Boss house’,” he says.







Ask him how their mother reacted to her win, and he says, “Aai was chocked.. her daughter has given her a reason to be proud,” he says.