An extra-marital affair, extreme passion and true love is what Kalank is all about.

It is one of the most complex love stories made with emotions being entangled in  every kind of relationship, be it father and son, mother and son or husband and wife. Here comes a beautiful film which teaches you that love crosses all boundaries and engulfs all that it finds in its way.

It is a complex love story set during India’s Partition era, where the young Roop (Alia Bhatt) is torn between respect for husband Dev (Aditya Roy Kapur) and her newfound love for Zafar (Varun Dhawan). While their back stories and heart-wrenching love saga unfolds, the history of India takes an epic turn highlighting complex relationships of all the characters.

Near the climax in the film, Aditya Roy Kapur’s Dev says that if someone’s wife is in love with another man, then what is the point of the marriage at all. Writer and director Abhishek Varman’s film makes a strong emotional statement. Aditya Roy Kapur’s performance as a husband is very confident and he looks charming and subtle.

Varun Dhavan and Alia’s performances are fantastic and effortless. Sonakshi, too, blends in her character perfectly.

The dialogues of the film by Hussain Dalal are extremely good and are sure to follow you home. Alia’s dialogue “Jab Kissi aur ki  Barbadini  apni jeet Jaisi Lage toh hamse  jyada barbad aur koi nahi iss duniya mein and Varun’s “Kuch Risthe Karjo Ki tarah hote hai unhe nibhana nahi chukana padtha hai” simple take the cake.

The songs are beautiful as well. The title track echoes the emotions portrayed in the film and connects with the audiences. Pathos is part of the storyline of almost all characters. And the film handles the sensitive situation of an extra-marital affair rather maturely.

The equation between Madhuri Dixit (Bahaar Begam) and her muse Alia Bhatt (Roop) learning singing is also depicted beautifully. The stellar cast requires applaud. Actor Kiara Advani also  plays a cameo while there is an item number by Kirti Sanon.

The film is a visual treat and reminds a bit of Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s lavishness of Devdas. The music is also good and adds value to the narrative.

There are bits which we don’t approve as well. For instance, Varun’s bull-fight was totally uncalled for. It slowed the film down quite a bit. The film also drags on a bit at the end.

Karan Johar jas clearly lived up to his promise of delivering high emotions, high drama and a high quality visual extravangaza just like his previous films be it Kabhi Khushi Kabhi Gam, Kabhi Alvida Na Kehna. Audiences couldn’t look at the positive aspects and film is surely a one time watch.

FIVE reasons for watching the film

Stellar performances by Varun Dhawan, Alia Bhatt, Aditya Roy Kapur and Madhuri Dixit

Visual extravaganza, locations, costumes and feel of the film

Strong dialogues which touch the core

Multiple layers of relationships which are complex including the love torn between husband and lover

It has the Karan Johar’s magnetic touch in storytelling in terms of emotional depth in content