It’s a season of firsts for actor-singer Karan Oberoi. Not only is he making his debut in Bollywood with his film Strawberry Point and his comeback on the small screen with a thriller but he will also be kissing for the first time on screen. The actor needs to perform the bold scene for his music video Raat Kali.

Talking about it, he says, “This is my first kiss in front of the camera and I was extremely nervous and uncomfortable while shooting it in front of the entire crew. I believe love making is a private affair and that romance for me is beyond physical attraction between two people. Spending quality time, making a woman feel special and most Important letting her be who she is, is the perfect way to love someone,” he says.

However, a kissing sequence always peeks the curiosity and interest level of the audience. Karan, says that this is because the youth can relate to such things and as an actor, it is important to keep up with the youth. “I realise in the coming of age relationships, the youth isn’t afraid of public display of affection and sex is as important as any other aspect, if not more, in a relationship,” he says