Mrunal Jain: My father Shailesh Jain is the backbone of my life. whatever I am I am because of him. He has brought me up giving me my business sense and roots. I am grateful to him as he has gone through a lot of hardships too and has supported me in all my endeavours.  I love you papa and I want to tell you I am the luckiest person on earth to have a father like you.

Rohit Purohit: My father Ashok Kumar Pareek has influenced my life in a lot of ways. He is the person who inspired me to become what I am today. He is not one of those fathers who will make you sit with them and teach you things rather he is someone who taught me things by doing them himself. He is the most hardworking, calm, composed and the honest person I have ever come across. Apart from his personal traits, there is a lot to learn from his work ethics as well. There are a lot of them and it’s not easy to choose one particular memory because every single second around him is very special, such vibes he has. The only message for my father is that “wherever and whatever I am today is just because of you if you would not have supported me I wouldn’t have been here dad. I still remember your sacrifices; you have been the biggest strength. I  love you more then I have ever expressed.”

Vikas Grover: My father’s name is Mr Sanjeev Grover. My father has always spent his father’s bday with him.  I will be spending the day at an old age shelter. My father has always been very supportive. The only piece of advice he gave me when I decided to embark on this journey was, not to lose myself in the pomp and show of the industry. I have followed his advice till day and intend to do that forever. My life is the best gift my father has given me.

Abraam Pandey- 
A father may be described in various ways! He is the provider, the protector, the saviour, the creator and everything you can think of. Somebody rightly said that “The greatest gift I ever had came from God; I call him Dad”. It is the time when we should understand, how lucky we are to have a father. There are people out there who are not lucky enough to have a father and they are the one who will understand the importance of having a father. In my life, my father is the greatest fighter and he taught me one thing that respect is the thing which can’t be earned in a day or month so behave like a true gentleman and respect your elders and love people younger to you. As I am a self-made man, In that case, I consider every single word of my father and his advice are a treasure and best gift for me and I remember all of them.