Actor Nishant Bajaj, who is part of the show Kaal Bhairav Rahasya 2, loves the title of the show. The actor says that it is completely apt for the story. “The show is based on the God Kaal Bhairav. It’s about a curse given to a family. These things are still believed in small towns but somehow my character is not able to believe it as yet,” he says.

Talking about his character, he adds, “I am playing Titu. He is Archi’s friend from Bhopal. Titu is someone who will always support Archi. He is a smart guy but at the same time, he is confused about things. He is not sure whether these things are really happening or is there a mystery behind it.”

The actor really associates with his character. “I completely relate to my role. I am a person who believes things only if they happen to me. If they don’t happen with me, I don’t believe them,” he says.

The actor shares a great equation with his co-actors. “I have bonded really well with Additi and Gautam. In fact, I have bonded well with everyone. But I mostly have scenes with Additi. We spent time together on the sets as I am sharing most of the time on screen with her. This is why I have bonded also the most with her. Archie, I and Dolly are together most of the times as well,” he says.

The actor loves working with producer-director Ravindra Gautam. “I am very thankful to him that he has given me an opportunity to be part of such a big show. He is a very nice man. He understands every character and even thinks about an artist’s condition. It is a very nice feeling working with the whole team but especially with Ravindra Gautam ji,” he says.