We often see actors becoming friends on their shows. Most of these friendship tales even reach social media and we see pictures of stars chilling out together. But there are some friendships that are far deeper than these. There are some actors, who don’t show off their relationship on social media nor do they meet often but have always been part of each other’s good and bad days. The bond shared between Pranitaa Pandit and Mrunal Jain is one such relationship.

Pranitaa and Mrunal may not often make appearances socially but they share a lovely bond in personal lives. When asked about this bond Pranitaa says, “We met on the sets of Uttaran and since then have shared a good bond. He has been a big part of my life and I have invited him to every occasion in my life. He has happily been there for me whenever I have needed him. I call him ‘bhai’ whenever I see him.”

Mrunal and Pranitaa recently met and their happiness can be seen in the pictures that they took together.

The two have never been big fans of uploading pictures of their time together on social media. Explaining the reason behind this, Pranitaa says, “We don’t understand the concept of uploading pictures all the time. We don’t meet regularly but we never forget each other in our happy and sad times.” Relationships are fragile in today’s world it’s hard to retain and preserve them.”