Being at the heart one of the longest shows on the tube, Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai, producer Rajan Shahi has always credited his team for the show’s success. The show, that bagged awards in the Best Jodi, Hall Of Fame and Supporting Actor recently, has won more than 100 awards in its tenure on screen. “This is because of the hard work of the entire team. The day we got these awards, I mentioned something that I hope everyone keeps in mind. There is no one bigger than the show. I always hope and pray that every member of my team including me should remember this. I always tell my actors that every person in the industry, be it a newcomer or the top actor or actress, wants to be part of a successful show so they should value it and always acknowledge and value the people who work behind the camera. You have achieved this because of your hard work and dedication. With the glory, comes expectations and more hard work. Till they have their head on their shoulders, they will have a good journey,” he says.
The show has always been popular for showcasing family relationships. No character is independent of family ties in the show, which is what makes it so unique. Talking about this, Rajan says, “There are no isolated characters. Kartik is relevant not only because he is Naira’s husband, but because he is a son, a grandson, brother and cousin. Naira is also not only Kartik’s wife but is also a daughter, daughter-in-law, sister and granddaughter,” he says.
In fact, the realistic plot and storylines of the show have helped the younger generation relate to it. Be it Kartik-Naira or Naksh-Keerti, their relationships are shown to have their own ups and downs. They are shown in the context of their families as well as their relationship with each other. “It is not a fantastical journey. It is a realistic journey with its ups and downs. These couples are not shown to be perfect,” he says.
Another reason for the show to have become so popular is the social issues that it touches. Be it issues such as stalking, education after marriage, the show has been really reaching out to the youth with strong messages. Recently, an MMS scandal was shown in the show which spoke about how digital media invades one’s privacy. This is what keeps the show alive in today’s times, don’t you agree?