Shaeina Seth, who is a tarot card reader and natural healer, is involved with many forms of healing sciences like Sahasra Astrology, Numerology among others. Talking about how she started this journey, she said it was her mother who introduced her to the sciences. “I started my spiritual journey at a very young age. My mother, who has been into spirituality from the past 30 years, gave me my first initiation when I was twelve years old. Everything which I learned was for my own healing since I had a very difficult childhood. I used to get visions and used to hear few strange voices. So over a period of time, I mastered myself and decided to help others, who are in pain, since I myself have gone through a lot,” she says.

Describing her initiation as beautiful, Shaeina says she didn’t go through many hurdles. “The moment I got into spirituality, my life became miraculously beautiful. I feel blessed that I chose this path, not only for myself but to help others so that their life can become abundant as well,” she says, adding, “It makes me feel complete when people show such an overwhelming response to my therapies and allow me to show a spark of light in their life.”

Ask her about the response she gets from people for her therapies and she says, “The healing practices and the occult sciences have been there for thousands of years. What I feel is, if a person who is coming to me, whether from India or abroad, knows his mission, then I can guide him to it. The journey becomes easy,” she says.

Talking about future plans, Shaeina says she doesn’t think much about what lies ahead. “I don’t plan anything for the future. I just go with the flow. I just overcome my karma and leave everything else to God,” she says.