Indian actors, let alone Indian TV actors rarely go full Monty on screen. However, actor Shravan Reddy is an exception to the rule. Shravan, whom we have seen in shows like Jersey No 10Manmarziyan and Krishnadasi has done a completely nude scene for Ramman Handa’s short film titled Karma. When asked about it, Shravan says, “Karma is a word we have heard from the time when were small, from our parents and by those in our surroundings. The concept is probably nothing new or novel, but the narrative and the audience this film is targeted towards is
what made me take up the project. It’s made for the audience at film festivals.”

So what made the actor agree to go fully nude for the scene? He replies, “My director felt it and explained me the character’s state of mind and the choice of decisions he would make. Also, it is targeted for the international audience, which is what made me agree to do such a risque scene.” Speaking more about the scene, Shravan adds, “As per the relevance of me going full Monty, It’s the narrative choice the director made to portray the mind-set of my character which leads to certain actions and decisions that my character would make in the story.”

Shravan Reddy-2

On television, Shravan was last seen on the popular show Krishnadaasi. About his future projects, something rather exciting is brewing considering the actor is a bit reluctant to share. He says, “I can just say I have been busy with something that I am officially not allowed to talk. But I can say this much that it’s not exactly an acting job, but something very new and interesting that I haven’t explored yet.”

And what kind of roles does he want to do on TV? Shravan replies, “That’s a tricky question because, in the TV industry, whatever character you start out with, you end up playing a very different role because of unknown reasons!”

Well, we’re sure Shravan, that you’re among the brave, new breed of actors who can turn any role the way you want!