A perfect blend of mythology and drama, wrapped up in a compelling storyline, Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s Mahakaali Anth Hi Aarambh Hai, has made its makers proud. The costume drama, which airs every Saturday-Sunday at 7.00 pm on Colors, has topped the rating charts among the fiction shows this week.


“It’s really exciting to see such numbers in today’s times and all of us are having a blast. All we wanted is to give our best and that people should like our work. The response that we received has humbled us and we are even more charged up to deliver our best. Goddess Mahakaali has a deep purpose, she didn’t take form just to annihilate the demons, there was a message to the story and I believe that message has worked for us. The show is based on the thought that every woman has the power to fight her own battles. She can be Parvati, who is known to be a giver of life and can even become Kaali if situations force her. She has the power to end evil and make a new beginning,” says Siddharth.

Talking about the compliments he has got for the show, Siddharth adds that the high relevance of the show is the biggest one.”I have received a lot of compliments for the show since the beginning. People have loved actors Pooja and Saurabh. Both of them are my friends and I really love them. Some have told me they got goose bumps when they saw the transformation of Parvati to Kaali. But for me, the best so far, has been when a person told me that the show is so relevant. Actually that’s the core reason behind all mythological stories, whether it’s the Mahabharat or Ramayan or Shani, every story was written for a purpose and had a deeper meaning behind it,” he says.

Lead actor Pooja, who also played Drupadi in Mahabharat and is now playing Parvati and Mahakaali, is thrilled with the phenomenal response. “Mahakaali humare saath Hai. This show is our labour of love. And I am happy and thrilled that the show is resonating with the audiences,” she says.