It is not the jodis or the single players that keep actor Sneha Wagh glued to her TV when Bigg Boss is on, it is superstar Salman Khan, who hosts the show. The actor says that she only watches the reality show because of him. “It’s been more than a couple of years now since I have been watching Bigg Boss regularly. One of the greatest reasons for that is Salman Khan. I just love him. More than the contestants, he is his real self on the show. If he’s angry, he will not hide it. Nor does he hide his love for any contestant,” she says, adding, “For me, the only lambi race ka ghoda in BiggBoss is Salman. The show wouldn’t interest me if he was not there.”

Ask her what she feels about the current concept of the season, and she says, “The current format is fine, this is the first time I feel the commoners are prepared for the game. They are all ready to go and conquer the world. But it’s too early to comment on any particular doubles or singles. I feel game only starts in the second half when they are all unmasked and tired of being fake,” she says.

She adds, “I don’t have a favourite yet but would like to see more of Shreesant. He seems the only one who catches my attention big time. Also, he has played for the country, there’s a certain kind of junoon in people who play for the country.”