Be it Siddharth Kumar Tewary’s golden touch or the expert cast, these telly actors can’t wait for the show to start.











Ramman Handa: The promo is epic and actually it’s very tough to make historic shows be it in terms of research or in terms of production. It’s very interesting to watch a show like Porus as the stories have been so famous and interesting and it takes everyone to their childhood memories as we all have grown listening to Porus stories only. I really appreciate the efforts of producers like Siddharth Tewary who takes so much of pain and efforts to make such epic shows.

Vahbiz Dorabjee: Siddharth has changed the face of Indian television looking at his promos I feel like I’m watching a Hollywood Film.I’m so Proud of him and I’m sure the show is going to rock and the cast is just perfect. Laksh looks outstanding and classes apart as Porus. All the best to the whole cast and crew
Aniruddh Dave: One of its own kind is the word he’s creative team and technical is damn strong. Be it VFX SFX and look of the show is next level. The man behind the vision Siddharth sir always do something different and outstanding when the creation of content is strong. No one can beat it. Locations and sets are superb works in the detailing actually for an actor it’s a treat to play with the character in such a show.
Adaa Khan: Swastik has always made larger than life shows like Mahabharat, Shani and now Mahakali I have always been a fan of their shows. I have heard about Porus that it’s going to be like international series so really looking forward to it the promo looks very interesting and I am waiting to watch the show. Especially I have heard that Siddharth Sir himself is directing the show so I am sure it’s going to special and whichever show he directs is always out of the world and super hit and I really looking forward to watching it. Best wishes to the team.
Karan Oberoi: I absolutely loved it. It’s so nice to see such wonderful new narratives coupled with big scale productions on Indian tv. With such a huge audience range that it caters to, it’s high time, we started telling some compelling new stories.  Yes, he has and it probably comes from the fact that he is very well read and most of his shows are very well researched.  The time, energy and his convictions are fairly visible in all his productions.
Saurabh Pandey: I would say Siddharth and Rahul Tewary. They were blessed with Mahabharata and now they have been blessed since. What ever they touch turns into gold. They are today’s, Goldman. I loved every shot of the promo. The grandeur they bring in their shows. It can be compared to Hollywood. Soon they will cover every gap between them and world cinema. My best wishes and prayers to them. I am sure they will rock this one too.
Parul Chauhan: It’s an amazing promo seems like a Hollywood movie promo and first time on television I am watching something like this. This is totally amazing it gives a feel of Johnny Depp’s Pirates of Carribean and I wish all the best to the team that they keep making such shows so that everyone knows what has been the history of our nation.
Eijaz Khan: I had the good fortune of meeting Siddharth Tewary recently at the launch of their other project Mahakali- Anth Hi Aarambh Hain so we were talking I loved the promo and I think this way the show should be made larger than life. It should be a visual treat for the audience especially if you are making mythological. If I ever do a historical I would love to do it with him because I know I would be in safe hands and I know I would be assured of best quality when it comes to these shows. Good luck to the tea Porus and I wish it would be better than what everyone expects and it will do best


Ssharad Malhotraa: The promo of Porus is awesome. Siddharth Kumar Tewary and Rahul Kumar Tewary are a dynamite power. They surely give the best to everything they make. I wish them all the very best for Porus as well as Mahakali.