Vahbiz Dorabje supports the cause of acid attack victims


Vahbiz Dorabjee is an actress who is known to take a tough stance on crime and injustices against women. Her latest project is about women who are victims of acid attacks. Talking about being a part of the cause, she says, “I had gone to an event organized by my friend Pankit Thakker who was my co-actor in Bahu Humari Rajnikanth. Because of him, we got to be a part of a very good cause. We all were there to contribute for the acid attack victims. After being there my whole thinking about life has changed. They are not victims, they are survivors. After being so hurt and burnt badly, they have kept their life going. If you hear their story, you will be choking on your tears. Still, they are living their lives with so much zest and enthusiasm. It is an inspiration.”

The actress said that she felt quite nice to be a part of it. She revealed, “Honestly, it was amazing being a part of such a cause. Thanks to Pankit, I have done something indirectly to help. And I am so happy that I did not do some casual nonsense dinner. I spent the day with for a good cause. And even in the future, I would love to support such causes. And whatever I can give from my end, I will contribute.”

That being said, Vahbiz is unnerved by the shocking criminal practice of throwing acid on women. She said, “After seeing all this, I am under a shock. It is so outrageous. How can acid be available so easily? If you hear the stories about how one husband threw acid on his wife as he was a drunkard. I mean, how can a thing like acid be so materialistically available? It is shocking! There was another case of a teenaged girl on whom someone threw acid when she was just a baby. She does not even know who did it! This thing should be banned and strict actions need to be taken against such people. They are just roaming around freely.”

According to Vahbiz, seeing the plight of the acid attack victims, Vahbiz felt that her troubles were superficial and small. She says, “Well, seeing these people yesterday, I also feel I am on the right track. I am also very strong. I am also going through a lot, but I have kept myself strong and moved on. Because eventually, you have to survive, that is what life is. After seeing these women, I feel like my problems are so small. Why do we crib about life? I am very proud to be the person I am. And I have always been like this and I will never let anybody suppress or sink me into negativity. You got to be strong and you got to survive in life and live it to the fullest!”

Way to go, Vahbiz. We really hope more TV personalities come into fray to support the cause and that the government acts on it swiftly.