Veteran actress Vibha Chibber, who will be celebrating her birthday on Monday, the 9th of July, already has the day well-planned. The actor will be celebrating her birthday in Nasik along with her kids Puru and Ira. She says that she has always celebrated every phase of her life.

“I celebrate my life every day and every moment. When I look back, I think of all the phases of my life – from a young girl, who used to do theatre in Delhi, to being a teacher, getting married, having kids and coming to Mumbai and starting a career in acting. All of this just happened in a blink of an eye. I am thankful to God that I have seen so many good things in my life,” she says.

Birthdays have always meant a great deal to Vibha. “The fondest memories of my childhood birthdays are when my mother, who was a social worker and writer, used to call slum-kids at our house and feed them puri, bhaji and kheer. It was all made by her,” she says.

Her 50th birthday was special as well. “It was my 50th birthday and my children pretended that nothing is special about the day. When I reached home from work, I found my extended family from Delhi hiding in my bedroom to give me a big surprise. It was so special!” she says.

This birthday is special as well as Vibha has also got her favourite gifts – a bag and a watch from her children. “I am looking forward to a fun-filled gateway with my kids, far away from the hustle bustle,” she says.