Actor Alan Kapoor, the owner of Goa Sharks, says that he is very excited for MTV BCL this year. The captain of his team is actor Rajniesh Dugall. The actor says that both cricket and acting have their own glamour value, and the two together are a perfect combination. “TV stars bring glamour to everything they are associated with, but cricket brings glamour to players. I’m so excited about the combination of the two,” he says.

Ask him what are his responsibilities as the owner of the team, and he says, “As an owner, you are responsible for everything about the team; from players selection to getting things executed, from players performance to the taking care of their requirements. It’s a huge responsibility to build a team.”

The actor adds, “As suggested by our moto – in it to win it, we want to play the game seriously and do our best on the ground.”

He is considered to be the most understanding team owner, and Alan says this is because he is aware of how this industry works. “Maybe that is because I am myself an actor and so all are my friends… And I know how to respect and treat actors,” he says.

Cricket is very close to Alan’s heart as well. “I do play cricket. I am not sure but if I am able to practice well, I will definitely try and play this time,” he says.

And who does he love to watch on the field? “My favourite is Irfan Pathan as he is a good player and a very humble person,” he says.