Whoever has dealt with Bollywood actors knows that they are always ‘fashionably’ late. Be it at their movie promotions, film shoots and even charity events, actors are seldom punctual. But there are a few who have proved this wrong. Renowned psychiatrist Dr. Yusuf Merchant had a close encounter with legendary actorAmitabh Bachchan and he was impressed with the punctuality of the actor.

In his book titled ‘Happyness Life Lessons from a Creative Addict’ Dr. Yusuf shares an incident with the actor, which left him stunned. His friend had organised an anti-drug programme some time back at St. Xavier’s College in Mumbai. Since the lesser-known celebrities were always late, Dr. Yusuf assumed that Big B will also not be on time. However, to his surprise, he was there a minute early! It was only later that he got to know that Amitabh was never late.

In fact, he seems to be quite impressed with the actor’s humble demeanour as well. He writes about how he sat on a plastic chair and asked for ‘cutting chai’.

Till date, the doctor claims that he has learnt how to be punctual looking at Amitabh Bachchan. He vowed to follow the actor and never be late again.

The book launch happened on 4th May and is already the most talked about event..