The good looking actor Shashank Vyas and versatile and veteran actress Surekha Sikri recently met and the duo recollected some great nostalgic moments together. Shashank and Surekha Sikri played one of the most popular and iconic Grandma and grandson in Balika Vadhu for a long time. Talking about his recent meeting with Surekha Sikri Shashank sounded very positive as he says, “We both were shooting side by side and when I came to know about it I just went and met her. I was meeting her after a long time so I was very excited and eager. We had a very good time as we discussed our old time from the set of Balika Vadhu.” Shashank also shares how Surekha Sikri solved some of his conflicts in the craft. He adds,”During Balika Badhu whenever I had some conflicts it was she who gave me the solution and always got me out. Recently for my show Jana Na Dil Se Door I had some creative conflicts in my mind and I was a bit confused. But luckily I met her and discussed with her and here I am completely cleared from my doubts. For a layman or for the audience if could be scenes in the show but for an actor sometimes creative disturbance happens and then they look for solutions. She advised me that an actor has to be convinced to do the scenes. Only then can he convince the audience. An actor like Surekha Sikri will always understand this as I consider her as an institution. Shashank also shares a rare compliment which he has got from the veteran actress. “Surekhaji has given me a very rare compliment about my voice modulation. She told me that I have the best of voice modulations which are an asset for an actor. I am lucky that I have worked with Surekhaji for five long years. I will always cherish that.”